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About Me


My name is Sophie Stephens and I'm an honors student at Mizzou working towards my B.J. in Journalism. I am the Culture Editor for MOVE Magazine, which is a part of the on-campus, student-run publication The Maneater.

The first time I stepped into a newsroom, I was 15 years old. While it may have just been a classroom hidden in the corner of my high school English hallway, it was my first experience with journalism. That classroom, home to West High's West Side Story news magazine, was the first newsroom I got to call home, spending every day for three years there with the staff. WSS introduced me to the world of journalism, something I grew to love throwing my time into, giving me my first opportunities for both reporting and editing for a newspaper, and brought me to the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute; those experiences combined helped me decide to continue on to Mizzou in my journey to pursuing a professional journalism career.

As I move forward in my journalism career, this website acts as a reflection of where I started to where I’ve come while highlighting my favorite pieces of journalism work I’ve been lucky enough to complete throughout my short time in the field.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

In addition to journalism, I have a vested interest in the fashion world. I love fashion magazines, styling and designing, and am very passionate about the sustainable fashion movement, which is what brought me to be a campus representative for Rent the Runway. I'm also a big fan of the Yes Theory and Seek Discomfort brands, which encourage people to go out of their comfort zones and say yes to new experiences.

Journalism has played a big part in my growing appreciation of social media as a communication and branding platform, politics and social issues, and has been able to combine fashion and writing, two things I've loved for a long time.

Overall, while journalism is something I simply stumbled upon by accident in high school, it has grown to be a huge component of who I am and how I view and interact with the world. I attribute journalism to my interest and appreciation of connecting with others, telling stories and experiencing new things; it has also made me both the leader and learner I am today.

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